Setting up paddles and gamepads at the same time

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Setting up paddles and gamepads at the same time

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This all seems fine until I go to multiple joysticks and paddles. My iCode and vintage Atari paddles is actually recognized by Mister and it does work with some fuss. I did get the Breakout working with it, at least. The setup is confusing. With Pong the range was weird, but maybe that's in iCode thing? Still playing with this.

My guess, right now, is Joy 1 has to have all of its inputs assigned to a single USB device, and it's impossible to assign my iCode paddles to analog input on Joy 1 I have my PS4 controller on the digital inputs, right?

I'm thinking maybe there's a way to edit the config files manually for this? Maybe that's the most straightforwards way. Ideally I'd prefer a little more determism here, to pick a USB device to assign, and then pick a Joystick or Paddle port to assign it to, and be able to mix and match buttons and analog controls onto a single Joystick. Right now, I sort of fuss with it, and it eventually works, sometimes, but not always.
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