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Disclaimer from "angry" Sorgelig :)

Posted: Tue Jun 16, 2020 11:49 am
by Sorgelig

Time after time i read that i'm always angry or inpatient.

Just want to make it clear. Supporting on forum or other social places is not my strong point, neither is my primary interest. As a hobbyist i like to do something like writing/improving the cores, developing the MiSTer. I don't like hanging on forums. Especially i don't like to answer the same questions again and again.

In companies there are always division to developing team and supporting team. People who work in support team are ready to answer the same question asked in 100 different ways. So i'm not a "support team". I may look inpatient or angry from supposed to be a simple question. That's because this simple question is already annoying being asked 100th time. People today don't like to study the subject, they prefer to click one time and get answers to all their questions. This is impossible. You have to study the subject, especially if you want to make something special.

This is good MiSTer got its forum now so information can be more structured. Also MiSTer is community driven project. So it would be good when some more experienced users will help others. I prefer to focus on developing. If you see my answers are too aggressive, bear with me, please. I'm one - users are many.